Friday, December 5, 2008

Whew --

It's been a while since I've posted, I've been a little busy! Let's see, where should I begin----

Grace and Evan are really getting excited for Santa to come! They saw him at the mall and Grace just waved to him but Evan went up to him and was ok - then Matt put him on his lap and he had a meltdown! It would have made a really cute "bad Santa" photo! Then we went to the Picture People and had the kids pictures taken and they turned out really well! Both Grace and Evan smiled and pretty much sat where they were supposed to. Leah and Madeline were both awake - not looking at the camera but hey what more can you expect from babies less than 3 weeks old?! I bought some pictures to give as gifts so at least I have some gifts already purchased! I pretty much have nothing else done for Christmas. I did order some things from Amazon today so that will help. I was planning on going out next week when Matt has off but it looks like he's working 6 nights instead of 4 sooo that means that he's on tonight through Wednesday night. He will have off the rest of the day Thursday after he wakes up and then starts days on Friday through Sunday has off on Monday and goes back on nights Tuesday through Thursday night. Ug... It's going to be ROUGH!
Tonight was my first night here alone with the kids. It was hectic! However it's not even 7:30 and everyone is asleep! Small victory for me!!! The babies will wake up around 9:30 and eat again - then I'll pump and go to sleep. I 'hope' that's how it works anyway!
On a totally random topic - my glasses that are less than a year old are falling apart! I know that I'm hard on them with kids bumping into them and pulling on them - plus I have to wear them ALL the time but geez, they weren't cheap! I am going to have to go get new ones soon and I just don't want to pay for them! Luckily we have good vision insurance but it's still an expense I don't need right now with all of the medical bills coming in at once AND the HR lady at Valero messing up Matt's check for the second check in a row!! I won't even go into that!
My Uncle Bruce has been in the hospital with various serious medical problems and everything came to a head today when he had a very dangerous procedure done. Luckily everything turned out fine and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. He will be home for the holidays and I'm so happy!
So much more to say but I just want to take this rare moment of quiet and sit and do NOTHING!!

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