Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Tomorrow is New Years Eve. I can't believe it. This time last year Matt and I were talking about if we wanted to have a 3rd baby or if one of us should get "fixed". Well, obviously we decided to have another baby and you know the rest! I never ever ever would have thought I would be the Mom to four amazing kids. I am happy. Truly happy. That's not to say that things right now aren't hard, and that I'm not stressed sometimes but when I sit down and take everything in, I'm happy with my life. I hope you can say the same.

I'm not sure I'll be blogging again before New Years so I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! And as for resolutions...mine is like most other people's----lose weight! I'm not sure how long I'm able to use the excuse that "I just had twins"!


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chillingurl said...

lindsay - how or where do you get those cool backgrounds?? Hope do you paste them into your blog?

thanks. Love, Hannah :)