Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Thought?

I'm having trouble finishing a thought today so try to stay with me as you read this blog!

Madeline and Leah were up a lot last night, they must be going through a growth spurt because they're up every two hours eating - but then go right back to sleep. That means that I'm only sleeping an hour at a time since it takes about an hour to change their diapers, feed them, burp them and then pump after I'm done. I'm exhausted - but really happy!

Today is Grace's 3rd birthday!! I cannot believe it! She's getting so big and I'm so proud of her! She's so smart, and remembers EVERYTHING! Her favorite things to do right now are puzzles. She is doing harder puzzles everyday - it's so awesome to watch her concentrating so much on something. Today Grammie, PopPop, Grandma and MomMom stopped by to give her her birthday gifts ~ and she loved all of them! She is wearing the princess dress that Grammie and PopPop gave to her and it looks adorable! We're waiting for my grandparents to get here and she'll get even more gifts! She's so spoiled! Yesterday was her birthday party and she had a blast! It was just a little kids party with Evan, Ellie and Reese! My parents gave her two baby dolls and she just had to take them to bed with her last night! Megan made reward charts for both Grace and Evan, there are 15 squares and each day if they are good they can put a star in one of the squares and when all are filled they get a 'treat'. Grace is very into it! I hope it gives her incentive to be a good listener and behave well. Megan says that it's working for Ellie.

Matt is off until Friday night work so we're going to "try" to get some things done this week. Tomorrow he's working on the twins room trying to get it ready for electric to be installed. I need to figure out what color carpet we want to have installed. I'm looking for something durable yet soft and that can hide stains well!! ;) Tuesday I'm planning on going out shopping for Christmas gifts. I have ideas for most people but am at a loss for others. It's like that every year. The past few years I have made a lot of my gifts but this year I just don't have the time. We're also hoping to take the kids to see Santa and to get their pictures taken. I have been going to JCPenney to have their pictures done but am considering spending a little more and going to The Picture People. I want really nice pictures of all the kids together and Penney's doesn't seem to be good at group shots. I have a coupon so hopefully it won't be too too too expensive.

Maddie and Leah are hungry...

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