Friday, December 19, 2008

More whine...I need WINE

Grace is whining about everything. Every word that comes out of her mouth is a whine. It become a habit now that that is how she talks. I keep telling her over and over again to please not whine. When I remind her she will stop but oh how maddening it is!!!! By 3pm I'm ready to slug back a glass of wine just to calm my nerves from all of the whining!!! (I don't do it, mind you.)
The agenda for today is to clean, pack up toys to put away to make room for the new toys that Santa will bring. Then at 1pm I'm taking Grace to get a much needed haircut. I'm taking her to the same salon that she always goes to but to a different person since I can never get an appointment with the girl we usually go to. I hope she does a good job and do what I ask her to do.
I'm hoping that we can get a lot done today in the house. We're STILL trying to get the twins room finished up but we never seem to have enough time. Our house is busy all the time, not so much bad busy (well sometimes bad busy) but whenever Matt is off we're usually doing something or just get distracted by something and don't end up working on the room. We're now thinking that it might turn into a play room and that Grace and Evan will share a room. We're going to give it a trial run after Christmas and see how that goes. Evan is such a good sleeper. He sleeps through the night from 7pm until at least 6am every single night. Grace is a totally different story. For instance, last night not only did I have the babies up all the time, Grace was up 3 times. She was never a good sleeper though.
Last night I was making dinner and cut myself really bad. I was opening a can and cut it on the lid. I should have gone to get stitches in it but decided not to. How was I supposed to go to the ER with 2 newborns and 2 toddlers?? Matt was already at work so I was here alone. It still hurts pretty bad but looks like it will be fine.

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