Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dirty Diapers!

I just finished my first laundry load of diapers - not so bad! Madeline and Leah look adorable in them too so that helps! I am still feeling a bit awkward with the routine but I have a feeling that after about a week it will just be second nature to me! I'm so happy that I finally took the plunge and we're not looking back! Erin, whose blog you can read here, helped push me over the edge to make the switch! Her boys just look too darn cute in their gDiapers, not to mention how easy she said it was and that even her husband thinks it's easy! Thanks Erin!

This weekend didn't go exactly as planned. I have had a horrible migraine all weekend. It started getting really bad on Friday night and I still have it just not as intense. We were happy to see Debbi and Rob this weekend, but not happy that they came down because MomMom went to the hospital. She seems to be a little better now but it was scary none the less. Add that to Grandma's fall on Thursday and it's just been a pretty stressful few days. Thank goodness Matt was home today because I got to sleep on and off most of the morning because of my headache. Then my Mom and Dad stopped by to drop something off and ended up offering to take Grace and Evan to their house for the afternoon!!! I was elated! Grace and Evan had such a good time and it gave me the chance to rest more while Maddie and Leah were napping and then spend a little alone time with them.
Matt goes back to work tomorrow for 4 day shifts and then starts his next week off on Friday! I can't wait to head up to the mountains next weekend and let the kids play and go to visit Grandma.

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