Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I think she learned this look from me... Evan's baby blues!

My twirly-whirly girl!

We didn't go anywhere today. Matt is on night shift this week until Friday morning. I am still not sure what we're going to do tomorrow, I want to take the kids out somewhere, I'm just having a hard time deciding on where. Thursday we have a playdate with Molly and the kids which we're looking forward to! The Cecil County Fair is going on this weekend and we might go there on Friday. On Sunday we have a few appoinments back to back for all of the kids to get professional pictures taken. I'm still trying to plan out Matt's next week off that starts on August 7th. On the 7th he is going to the Phillies game, but other than that we don't have concrete plans. We know we're going to the mountains for a visit, we're just not sure which days. We are trying to make plans to go to Chris and Hannah's wedding. I think we're going to stick to waiting until the last minute to rent a house though. They usually discount them pretty heavily if they aren't rented 2 weeks before arrival. Matt is still waiting for approval for the time off from work though. We leave for the beach in 39 days!! I cannot wait! We are already starting to make lists and buy things, we are going to need to take SO MUCH stuff! Two portable high chairs, 2 pack-n-plays, the big double BOB jogging stroller, beach chairs, the baby monitor, and soooo much more! 4 kids require a LOT of equipment.

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Heidi said...

Seriously, how do you take them all out to do something? My husband is frequently busy on Saturday's with work or other stuff; I have no problem going to a store like Target or Costco. Taking them to the pool by myself scares the beejeejees out of me. Any pointers would be great.