Saturday, August 22, 2009


I haven't blogged in a while and for good reason, I have no time!! The only way that I keep up with Facebook is thanks to my iPhone. Madeline and Leah are crawling up a storm and pulling themselves up to standing - plus cruising the furniture and playing dare-devil by letting go of things to see how long they can stand up. I guess an added benefit of cloth diapers is the extra padding for all of those falls! Evan has been really good with Maddie and Leah lately. He will play gently with them and let them touch his toys. It's so cute to watch! Grace is 50-50 with playing well. She's strong willed. Wonder where she gets that from?! Evan's nemesis has been eating. He makes it into a power struggle even though he's starving. Tonight I put him in one of the highchairs and wouldn't let him get down until he ate something. He sat there for one whole hour before he finally gave in and DEVOURED his dinner. Then asked for a yogurt and an apple.

We are more than looking forward to vacation - I hope that the weather is nice. My parents and sister are down there now and Hurricane Bill is messing up the first several says of their stay. The only road down the island is flooded in several places around high tide so it made the end of their 9 hour trip down a little dicey. I hope they have a good time and the weather gets better.

I have so much shopping to do and so little money to do it with. Thankfully the hospital bills that we still have from Madeline and Leah's births and my hospital stays are almost paid off. We're trying to get Matt to pick up some overtime but it's scarce.

Matt and I have started talking about a huge possible change we may end up making and I'm so scared yet excited at the same time. I know that's teasing but I don't want to say anything until we're more sure of what's happening.

I have been getting ready for a yard sale that's coming up on the 29th and am already sick of the piles of yard sale things piling up in my house, it's mostly piled in the foyer and kitchen and the piles just keep growing. I have so much to get rid of. Whatever doesn't sell will not come back into the house unless it's a "high-dollar" item like a bouncy seat that I may be able to sell on Craigslist or at a consignment shop. Everything else will most likely go to the church for sale in their consignment shop.

I cannot believe it but I'm starting to think about Madeline and Leah's first birthday party, and Grace's 4th birthday party. Holy crap - where did the time go?? I am trying to think of a theme and how big of a party we are going to have. I'm leaning towards quite small. We will see. One good thing about the twins turning one is that we will no longer need to buy them formula!!! So diapers and formula purchases every month will be a thing of the past with the exception of a few new cloth diapers here and there! I'm stoked about that!

We are hoping to get up to the mountains for a short visit next weekend - leaving after the yard sale hopefully around 1pm. We all miss Debbi, Rob, and Grandma, not to mention that we need a little change of scenery. Matt is finishing up day works tomorrow, then has Monday off but starts night shift again on Tuesday - Thursday with the following weekend off.

Matt and I have been trying to decide what to do about sending Grace to preschool in the fall. We have her enrolled but are having second thoughts. It's more expensive than I thought it was going to be since they raised the prices from last year, not to mention that Grace would be in preschool this year and next year and then start Kindergarten. Grace has a November birthday so she will be one of the older kids in her Kindergarten class. Plus, we are going to miss orientation and her first day since we will be away. We planned the vacation and reserved the house way before we enrolled her in preschool. So I just don't know what to think. If we don't send her to preschool I want to enroll her in some classes at the Y, like gymnastics and ballet. On a selfish level, I'm not sure I am ready to start the whole "school schedule" just yet. Madeline and Leah aren't walking so I would need to take the double stroller out to drop her off and pick her up. Needing to be somewhere by 9am isn't always an easy task with 4 kids under age 4 so that has me a little worried also.

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