Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh What a Day

Today has been stressful. Everyone is sick of being stuck inside since it's been rainy and dreary for what feels like forever...And it's not supposed to get much better until the weekend. The twins are cranky because they're teething and aren't napping properly because of it so that just make it worse. Grace and Evan are b-o-r-e-d. I have run out of 'fun' things to do. I have no more suggestions, nothing else that I can pull out of my craft basket. I need to make another trip to the Flower and Craft Warehouse and re-stock. As we speak I'm listening to the twins fuss in their cribs. I am trying to get them to take a power nap but am failing miserably. Matt is on nights now until Friday afternoon. I cannot wait to have a nice weekend together. We are supposed to get together with my sister and my Mom's whole family on Sunday for Mother's Day and Megan's birthday. I hope that it's nice outside and we can be outside for most of the time. It's schedule right in the middle of Evan, Madeline and Leah's nap time so if we're all stuck inside it's going to be pretty brutal. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 10:15 and am going to drop the kids off at my Grandmother's house for about an hour so I don't have to drag all of them with me. I hope they behave themselves. Then I have another doctor's appointment on Friday, but Matt will watch the kids for that one since it's in the late afternoon. Speaking of doctor visits - Madeline and Leah will go for their 6 month appointment in two weeks. I can't believe it. Half of a year old! Time flies when you're sleep deprived, up to your ears in laundry, covered in spit up and loving every minute of it. :)


Lindsay Pierson said...

I hear you. Hang in there!!!

Heidi said...

Rain rain go away. I couldn't agree more, my little guy is bring out his worst behavior by being cramped in the house all day.