Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long Time

Some pictures of our recent adventures...Grace on a rocking dog at Cabela's, Evan giving the big fish at Cabela's the "rock-on" sign, and Maddie and Leah hanging out right before bedtime at the cabin!

I feel like I haven't blogged in so long. Things have been especially crazy around here and I just haven't found the time. I'm not sure where to even start with this post since there is so much to write about...On Saturday we went to the mountains for the weekend, we were going to attempt - again - an overnight trip with all four kids. We had a great time visiting on Saturday and after dinner we left Grace and Evan with Grammie and PopPop at their house while we took the twins with us up on the mountain to stay overnight in the cabin. We got the babies to sleep and had the rest of the night to ourselves. It was glorious! We sat out on the porch of the cabin and talked for a few hours and then went in and played cards while having a few beers and just joking and laughing. It was such a much needed break! We kept commenting on how easy things were with 'just' Madeline and Leah with us! It was a breeze! In the morning we packed up and headed back into town to see how Grammie and PopPop did with Grace and Evan - they said everything went well even though later in the car on the way home Grace fessed up and started telling how she kept getting out of bed and whatnot. But overall it was a success! We are looking forward to doing it again next month on Matt's week off as long as Debbi is up for visitors so soon after her surgery. On Monday we just did a few local errands and took a long walk with the kids. We took 2 strollers for this walk and went out past a bunch of Amish farms so the kids could see all of the animals. Grace wasn't happy at first about riding in a stroller but my big blue jogging stroller is made for bigger kids and it was really the only way that Matt and I can both get exercise with all of the kids with us. It turned out really well and are going to do it more often now! On Tuesday Matt took Grace and Evan to Cabela's and they had a blast! I ran errands and did a little shopping with Maddie and Leah. It was the first time that Maddie and Leah rode in the seat of a shopping cart! I put the cart cover in the seat and set each of them on a side of the seat facing each other. It was adorable! I won't be able to do it much longer but while I can - it's just the cutest thing ever! We were stopped by just about everyone telling me how cute they are! Today we had to take Grace to the Pediatric Opthamologist because her eyes are 'wandering'. It turns out that she may need glasses to correct it however we are just going to watch it for 2-3 months and go back for it to be evaluated. It may correct itself. I'm a little upset about it but at least the doctor doesn't think that she will need to have it surgically corrected like Matt did. I don't want to see Grace needing to wear glasses all of the time but we did try a few pairs on her today while we were waiting and she does look just adorable in them - but then again she looks adorable in anything! Grace was amazing at the doctor's office today. She read all of the letters, let the doctor look in her eyes and didn't get upset at all when they needed to dilate her eyes. She really impressed me today. I am so proud of her!

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