Friday, May 1, 2009

F*ck, it's Friday.

I know, I know - stop with the potty mouth. I also know that most of you are rejoicing that it's Friday and that the weekend is within your grasp. Me, not so much. Matt works this weekend. Usually it doesn't really bother me too much but for some reason I just have the 'itch' to do something or go somewhere. I would love to pack all of the kids up and head to the mountains or take them to Cabelas. I guess I just want to do something instead of our usual nothing. Maybe I'll think of something or just lose my mind totally and embark on a trip alone with the 4 kiddos!

Madeline and Leah are growing in leaps and bounds! They love to be in their excersaucers and 'talk' to each other. It's so funny to watch and it melts my heart to listen to the chatter away and giggle! They are both starting to be movers -and-shakers already. If they want to get to something they will just roll their way across the floor. Lord help me when they're truly mobile. I'm still waiting for clear mama and dada sounds to come out of their little mouths. Leah is really close to sitting up alone and Madeline isn't far behind her. They will be 6 months old. A whole half of a year old on the 14th/15th of this month. Holy crap - where does the time go???

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