Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! Grace, Evan, Madeline and Leah were so well behaved - you would have thought that they weren't my kids! Grace and Evan were so well behaved at Nana's yesterday I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face for the rest of the day! I was completely expecting the day to go the opposite way since Saturday was dreadful. Everything about it just stunk - well except for the gardening and dirt down the pants incident - it was just bad. So bad that I won't get into it because I don't want to get upset. I got two beautiful handmade cards from Grace and Evan that they were so proud of! Matt got me flowers that are on the counter in the kitchen and make the whole room smell so nice! I only changed 2 diapers the entire day - hooray for me!

Today is a recovery kind of day. It's dreary outside so we're not doing a whole lot. Usually the twins take good naps during days like this but they are in pain from teething so they aren't sleeping very well. Leah's teeth hurt so much she even tried to bite my nose when I wasn't looking to try and find some relief. I guess I should be paying closer attention. I'm trying to plan what we're going to do on Matt's week off coming up. We usually spend the ENTIRE week running around here and there - and I want to do some of that, but I also want some time to just hang out and putter around the house. If puttering at all is possible with 4 under 4?! We want to make a trip to the mountains that has been scheduled for Saturday and also want to get to the beach for a day trip.

Speaking of the twins not sleeping - they're up again after only half of an hour nap...

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