Sunday, July 27, 2008


Things have been nuts these last few days. I just don't know where the time goes, Matt has been on day shift this weekend (and has off tomorrow yea!) and before I know it, he's calling to tell me he was relieved and is on his way home! It's nice but i'm not getting nearly enough done. Yesterday I just couldn't get my act together. At all. I get waves of sickness on random days and yesterday and now today are just some of those days. Yesterday I didn't physically get sick but today I have been, ugg. Anyway- I have a friend from high school who was my best friend back then who I talked a few weeks ago and she said that she was pregnant with her first baby. I haven't heard from her since and now i'm scared that something happened. I hope not. I am not really close to her now but from what I do know of her, she will be a wonderful Mom. Someone else I know from high school, although we weren't friends then (probably b/c I was a major bitch in high school - yea I know I was but people change and thankfully I did!!) is trying to get pregnant with her second child and is on month number 2. I hope it happens for her this month! When Matt and I were both working at W&J we worked with a man named Sam, he was always more than nice to us and fun to work with. Well, he had triple bypass surgery recently and I just pray he recovers quickly. I simply cannot imagine how I would feel if it were my Dad going through that. How scary.
Sorry this blog is so scattered.
I used my carpet cleaner today on the kitchen floor-it has a hard floor attatchment and it worked ok. I think it will be better on the carpet, but it's too hard for me to push on the carpets so I have to wait for Matt to do it tonight.
I think we're going to do Boys and girls day tomorrow. I am going to take Grace shopping with me and Matt is going to take Evan to Home Depot with him to get supplies for the attic. Grace loooves to go shopping especially when she gets to walk around and do things like I do with her purse and everything. She's such a girly girl! I painted her nails this morning a really light color pink and she just loves them! I know before long she's going ot be begging for me to let her get her ears way kiddo - not for a while!!

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