Sunday, July 20, 2008


We've started working on our attic and Matt should start the actual refinishing next week. I'm excited to get it done but kind of bummed at the same time. We really want to move out of this place but just can't agree on where to go. If we move to the "ideal" location, we will need to stay here at least a few more years since it's a VERY high dollar area and will need that time to save up some more money. If we decide to go to a less expensive area we could potentially move in the spring IF we could sell this house which I don't think would be an issue since it's a lower priced house and nice inside. You don't find too many nice homes in the price range with 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. I don't know. Right now isn't the ideal time to move anyway for us. The housing market sucks, we have only been here two years this month and I'm already huge and unable to pack/move boxes. I guess I still have to have faith in the idea of when it's time we'll know it. For right now we have to enjoy the low mortgage payment and just get ready for the babies!

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