Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Holy cow it's hot outside today! This morning we went to Walmart and Grace was my big helper. She only put things in the cart that I told her to, and she walked right with me the entire time with no issues. Some may think that this is nothing big, but Grace has a very independent side so I was just really happy that she listened so well today. Evan was in the cart and he got to drop the things into the cart which he thinks is big fun!! We came home and had lunch, did crafts, Ev took his afternoon nap and then we went to the park! They had soo much fun! It was really hot but at least at 3 when we usually go, the park is completely in the shade so that helped. No one else was there so that's always nice. I was going to call Molly to see if she wanted to go but realized that I don't have her phone number. I'll have to message her later to get it for next time! I think we're still seeing them on Friday night but will have to confirm that also. (sorry random things are popping into my head as I write) I will try to post pictures on here later of the kids at the park. Most of the pictures aren't very good b/c the kids were literally running around like crazy since they were so excited to be there and have the whole park to themselves!

I can't wait for Thursday about 6...Matt will start his week off! We live for these! The week off every month makes up for the rough schedule the rest of the time! And we're getting closer to our big ultrasound! I am getting more impatient by the day! Monday is also my birthday so that just adds to my anticipation! Can't wait!!!!!!!!

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chillingurl said...

Haha! I loved the pic of Grace with makeup all over her face! Chris has a blog now - its www.cjbisawsome.blogspot.com