Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow storm?

We could possibly get up to 12" of snow depending on the track of a storm coming up the coast. If I can make a plea to this storm it woule be to please just give us a dusting of snow. I have SO much to accomplish this afternoon and tomorrow that a snow storm would seriously ruin my game plan since Matt only has off this afternoon and tomorrow, and then starts day shift Sunday through Thursday. That means that he has will have worked 11 of the last 14 days, all 12 hour shifts. I could see it in his face this morning that he's just beat. But we're both trying to keep in mind that Christmas day starts a week off for him, and the first Christmas together as a family of 6 since he worked last Christmas Day.
I couldn't ask for a better husband. One example happened this morning. Matt usually gets home at 6am from night shift. I was supposed to go to Walmart yesterday but just didn't make it. Too many unforseen kid things that it just wasn't happening. Matt knew how jammed Walmart would be today because of Christmas coming and now because of snow arriving around midnight tonight so he went total grocery shopping on his way home. He walked in the door around 7am and just got in bed at 7:30. That means that he's been awake since yesterday afternoon at 1pm, drove and hour and fifteen minutes to work, worked a 12 hour shift, drove an hour and a half to Walmart, shopped, and finally came home. And he did it so I didn't have to brave the cold and crowds with the kids today.
Now on to cleaning.

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