Monday, December 7, 2009


I have some of my Christmas shopping done but am out of ideas for a few people. I have 4 people that have me totally stumped. As far as the kids go, I'm pretty set with them except for a few stocking stuffers.
Madeline and Leah slept straight through the night Saturday night from 6pm - 6:30am. It was glorious. Last night, I was lucky if I got an hour in a row. I'm not sure what the issue is. They either sleep wonderfully or not at all. I know that they're getting more teeth right now so I'm hoping that is what the problem is.
Grace had her first sleepover at my parents house on Saturday night with Nana, Pop and Ellie. My Mom said they were good but stayed up until 11 because Grace wouldn't stop talking. She said she wasn't being bad, she just wouldn't quiet down. I think she was just so excited! Ellie does sleepovers all the time with both sets of her Grandparents so it's not that special to her, Grace never does it so it was new and exciting. Grace slept like a rock last night! The only time that Grace has done a sleepover without Matt and I was when I was in the hospital having babies.
To Be Continued...

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