Monday, December 7, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

I am trying to get back to blogging regularly and decided to join in a blog carnival called "not me" Monday. It's a list of things that you would never have done over the past week; No, Not me!

I would never have allowed the kids to destroy their rooms just so I could have 5 minutes of peace downstairs. And I never, ever would have allowed them to stay that way until this very day. No, not me!

I don't ever let the kids stay in their PJ's all day. No, not me!

I do not allow the kids to eat McDonalds on our way to ballet simply because I was too lazy to make them lunch before we left. Nope not me either!

I would never allow Evan to eat PB&J sandwiches for every meal for 2 days straight. No, Not me!

You would never have heard me say these things in the past week:
To Evan:
"Stop tugging on it, you're going to rip it off!"
"Santa will not bring you any toys if he sees you kicking Grace!"
"Do not put my underwear on your head like a mask!"
"My underwear are NOT broken!"
"If you don't move your finger, you're going to pee on it."
To Grace:
"Do not tell ME to BE QUIET, YOU be quiet!"
To Madeline and Leah:
"I'm pretty sure you're going to need therapy when you're older. I'm apologizing now"
"Please do not lick your sister's toes"


Jessica Jones said...

I LOVE the qoutes! Oh and me and the kids are def not sitting here in are PJs reading this at 2pm

Tracie said...

Yea, we never wear pjs all day here either!! And I most certainly did NOT feed my kids pb&j, cereal or mac cheese for a couple of weeks while their daddy was away on business. I would never take such an easy/mess free way out!!
Love the quotes also!

Heidi said...

Love love love the quotes. I had quotes on my not me today too.

HA HA HA about therapy, most definitely.