Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Small update

I don't even know where to begin...

Things are going pretty well considering. Grace is having some jealousy issues, which I expected. I'm sure she will get over them - I hope that it's soon. I have actually seen improvement this morning with her attitude. It's easier when Matt is home since he can pay attention to Grace and Evan if I need to feed the babies or the other way around, when it's just me it's a little harder. I'm not AS stressed as I thought that I would be, still stressed none the less but I'm managing it pretty well so far...however the twins are only 10/11 days old! Maddie still sleeps a lot but when she's awake she is very alert and interested in what's happening around her. Leah is awake a little more often than Maddie and is just mesmerized by the chaos of our house! I'm taking the girls to the doctor this afternoon for a weight check - I have been feeding them every 2-3 hours around the clock so they HAVE to have gained something.
I'm trying to get ready for Grace's birthday this weekend. Thankfully my Mom is coming to the rescue yet again and is picking up the few toys that I wanted to get her at Target since she was going there anyway! I cannot seem to find the adapter to my double stroller to hold the second car seat so we're pretty much prisoners here until I can find it!
I can't wait to have Grace's birthday party on Saturday. It's extremely small with just my parents and meg, Seth and Ellie but I want so much for Grace to be in the spotlight and have all of the attention on her! I try to give each of the kids their own time each day but just need to figure out how to do it better so that they still feel special and that they're important. I have such guilt all the time about neglecting someone. Like I said, I just need to figure this whole Mom of 4 thing out! I'm trying to be patient - that's just not my strong suit!!!
I want to post by "delivery" story but just can't seem to find the time -- I wonder why?!! lol It was just so chaotic and amazing at the same time. I'm sure I find it more interesting than everyone else but I want to write it all down while it's still somewhat fresh in my mind.
I better go finishing getting everyone ready to head to the doctor!

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