Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I'm excited for today since it's Halloween and I know the kids are excited to go to Ellie's birthday party and trick-or-treating. I wish that I could go. However, I am going to be bad tonight since we don't have the kids for a few hours Matt and I are going to go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse I think. That way, yes I'm out and shouldn't be, but it's closer to the hospital and a girl has to eat...what's the difference between sitting and eating in at home and sitting and eating in a restaurant? That's how I'm looking at it anyway!
Then this weekend it's just more bedrest for me and trying to get the house in order for the new babies! Grace is really excited and Evan now points to my belly and says, "MadelineLeah" all one word. So cute. I have to finish getting the kids bags packed.

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