Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I ordered my Christmas present early! I bought a new camera online yesterday and I think it should be here on Friday. That means that the babies can't come until Friday or later!! And it also means that Matt is off the hook for shopping for a Christmas gift for me! Lucky guy! I also placed an Old Navy order yesterday with a 20% off coupon and free shipping so I'm excited to get that one also! I got some of the Performance Fleece for the kids because I like to put them in it when it's really chilly in the house, I got adorable hats for the babies, lots of socks for the babies and the kids, and an outfit for me for after the twins are born since I will still be the size of a bus and fit in nothing! I'm still shopping online today. I have to find Matt a replacement headlight housing for his 'new' Jeep, which is very nice by the way!! I'm happy that he has a better car to drive. I can't wait to hear from him tonight about how his ride to work was. I hope it's much more quiet and less bumpy...just overall more comfy! As soon as I find it online I'll order it so hopefully it will be here by the weekend and he can install it.
Debbi came in this morning and will be here until Saturday morning! I'm excited. It's such a relief to know that we have someone here to help with everything AND to be here with me at night while Matt is on nightshift. I wasn't really scared to be home alone at night when I was pregnant with Evan but for some reason, I really don't want to be here alone this time. I'm probably just being silly.
Grace and Evan are going to go to Ellie's 3rd birthday party on Halloween night at Megan's house. They will have a little party and then trick-or-treat over there. My Mom and Dad are taking them since I'm not supposed to be more than 1 hour away from the hospital and will most likely still be on bedrest. I think Grace is going to dress up as a ballerina/princess and Evan will be Bob the Builder/construction worker/farmer...I obviously haven't figured it out yet but just don't want to spend much, if any, money on costumes so I'm trying to come up with something that we already have.
I think Matt and my Dad are going to try to work on the attic Saturday or Sunday of this weekend. I really want it to be done as quick as possible. My Grandmother said that she can come up over the two weeks that Matt is off to watch the kids while he works in the attic - normally I would say no but I just have to accept help now. I think I'm getting better at it...it's just hard.
I guess it's my nap time now since my medicine is kicking in and things are starting to look blurry.

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