Sunday, October 26, 2008


I feel better today. I got out yesterday into the "real world" for a little bit and then we had company last night! TJ, Molly, Emily and Colin came over last night and the kids had fun was a little rocky at first! Two little girls who are almost 3 tend to fight over anything and everything! Girls will be girls I guess. I wanted to ask Molly a couple things about her c-section and totally forgot. I hate my medicine. I took it at 3pm and I was just a little out of it most of the night unfortunately. We still had a good time as usual. In the morning we had gone to breakfast with Rob, Debbi, Doug, Chris, Hannah & Devon. It was fun with the exception of the kids being a little antsy. We think we're going to just try to lay low over the next few days to try to get the kids back to their schedule of just Matt & I. The only thing we might do today is take the kids outside to play for a little while since it's so nice out and will be freezing for the rest of the week! I will,of course, just sit with my feet up and watch!
I got my camera and love it! It's so small and takes such nice pictures! I just have to install the software to my computer so I can upload my pictures. My next purchase will be a nice photo printer/scanner but will have to wait a little while for that one! Tomorrow we should be getting the Old Navy things that I ordered. I love getting things in the mail! I just don't like getting the bill! lol
Matt should be selling his Jeep tomorrow. He's getting his new Jeep detailed tomorrow also. I can't wait to see it all nice and shiny and clean. I just wish he got it some other way than he did.
This week we're really going to start/finish getting things ready for the babies. Matt is going to give me things to sort out/clean/fold while I'm sitting on the bed or couch. And he will just continue to be the 'muscle'! We decided to just put off the attic until we have our room and the downstairs all set up for the twins coming home. Hopefully by Wednesday we can have everything else ready. I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday that is a big one...I'll post more about that one on my other blog.

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