Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's broken....we have to fix it...

Matt's Jeep took a crap. It hasn't been running since Wednesday. It's now Saturday night and i'm still without a vehicle since Matt's working. He works Sunday, has off on Monday and then works Tues, Wed, and Thurs night. I am going stir crazy!! The kids and I can't wait to get out of this house! So we've spent $465 on parts so far and still not fixed. We just need to get it running ok and then we're going to sell it. It served us well but it's time for him to drive the truck full time and me to get a minivan I guess. We don't want 2 car payments but don't see another option. The truck gets the same gas mileage as the Jeep believe it or not so there's no change there. We would like to trade the truck in but it's just not possible. It will be a year old in July so if we did that we would take a major, major, major hit that's just not worth it --we explored every option, and we have to keep the truck. Who saw this twin thing coming?! Not us! lol....So it looks like we might be car shopping on Monday, his one day off. I still don't know what to do. We were thinking about a used car but with the interest rates on financing, and the fact that we only want a 2 year old van if we bought used, it just doesn't seem to pay. They have 0% and 1.9% financing on minivans this month for a few different makers so we'll see how little of a payment we can get. I just want to move out of this house soon and another car payment PLUS two more babies is going to make that even harder! Looks like Matt has some OT coming his way....uggg..I hope I feel better soon and can start cleaning this house. I am so scared to be put on bedrest and have to have people everywhere in my house and have it be dirty. We have so much to do before November when the babies are born....clean, redo attic, put up fence, find more sanity and patience!!! I could go on and on...I'll spare you.

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