Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Matt wants to go to the mountains this weekend. I'm unsure. I want to, i'm just scared to I guess. I need my sleep right now and i'm scared that the kids won't sleep b/c we're in a strange place. We would be staying in the cabin alone. He wants to leave Friday at lunch and come home Sunday. I guess i'll probably give in and go unless i'm feeling REALLY rotten.

Chris got the job at Valero with Matt and starts the day after Memorial Day. I hope Chris understands how huge this job is. The pay and benefits are amazing. I don't know of many companies that still pay for all of their employees and employees families' healthcare. I think we paid about 400 dollars last year total for health insurance, life insurance, dental and vision. It's unreal. Yea, the hours and schedule can really suck, like this year Matt works day works on Thanksgiving AND Christmas Day but you really can't have it all I guess. We'll make it work. We're excited for him. I think he'll really like it. Chris and Matt seem to have the same interests and Matt still really likes his job.

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