Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sensor this!

We're just spending like we've got it lately on Matt's Jeep to get it fixed. Today alone we've already spent $60 for a diagnostic test at the garage and now $90 bucks at Napa for the part that we *hope* works. Ug. We're up around $600 bucks and still don't know if it's completely fixed. We have to do it. If we don't we can't even sell it for much of anything. The good thing that i'm pretty proud of is that if this happened a year ago, we would probably be putting some or all of this money on the credit card but alas, we're not!! So i'm pretty proud of that. We should have our fence permit FINALLY today. I hope it's nice on Matt's week off starting May 16th so he can get started on it. I would say that "we" would get started, but let's be honest, i'm not doing much of anything to help except keeping the kids occupied. I can't wait until it's finished. Then it's on to the attic, we're NOT getting a permit for that. We're just putting blankets on the windows and going to town.
We stopped yesterday and look at minivans again. I'm just not sure if we're going to buy new or used. There's such great deals on new right now it may not pay to buy used. I saw a Town and Country van that I really liked, but I think it's a little too much. We will have to go and talk to someone about it. I HATE buying a car. We're going to wait until after we hear the baby's hearbeats again and then go find something. I can't wait!!!!! 16 more days until my next appt.

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