Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Matt and I have been talking and talking and talking about what we're going to do about a car since we were going to just keep the truck for me since it's been working for us however, 4 kids won't fit in there! So we were trying to avoid buying a minivan looking at every option we could possibly think about. We looked at every three row seat suv out there and none of them have hardly any trunk space to speak of that will fit a double stroller with the exception of the Chevy Suburban. I don't want a Suburban. The truck is big enough as it is, and the suburban is slightly longer than the quad cab truck....I can parallel park the truck....I don't know if I could park a suburban. So, we've started looking at minivans. I'm not really happy about owning another minvan but we don't have much of a choice. The first minivan we had was a disaster. We owned it less than a year and when I would put it in drive, it would be in some other gear and then it started making funny noises, so we got rid of it. Well now i'm back in the market for one and don't know which to buy. We looked at the Nissan Quest and it's pretty nice as far as minivans go I guess. I like that it has a 'different' look about it than some of the others. I also like the Toyota Sienna's but they're soooo expensive. I just don't know if I can spend that amount of money on a minivan. I don't care for the Honda minivans or the Fords...I haven't yet looked at the newly redesigned Dodge Grand Caravans and Chrysler Town and Country vans. I guess that's next. We technically don't need the van until the babies come however with each passing day it's getting more and more difficult for me to lift the kids all the way up into the truck and i'm only 8 weeks and some change pregnant. I just have to keep telling myself that it's's twins. That's why i'm so big, that's why I feel like this, that's why I look 5 months pregnant. It's just so different. I would never have believed anyone if they told me just how different it would be to be pregnant with twins. The rate that i'm growing is just so amazing. So back to the minivan subject....we're going to go back car shopping soon. Happy trails to us!

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