Monday, March 1, 2010

Ramblings and Not Me Monday!

Is it really March 1st? I'm so excited for the spring and summer to get here! The kids are going to be so much fun this year. We have a lot of little trips planned, Dutch Wonderland, Sesame Place, a few day trips to the beach, a week in the mountains, and who knows what else! I'm excited for March because we have a lot of little things on our calendar, a baby shower on the 7th, Philadelphia Zoo on Wheels the 10th, CC Mother's of Multiples Spring sale on the 13th, the new library opens on the 16th, Mothers of Multiples club meeting on the 18th, our anniversary on the 19th, Matt's 30th birthday on the 26th...It's going to be a fun month! We're also hoping to go check out a new church on the 14th!

Now on to Not Me Monday!

There's no way that my husband let me take a two hour nap in the afternoon last week. Not Me!

I definitely wouldn't be slightly jealous of a friend that just revealed that she's pregnant - Not me! (Not that I want any more kids, I just miss the excitement and really wasn't ready for my last pregnancy to be the last one. We were leaving the possibility of a 4th child open...little did we know!)

Grace didn't tell my husband that the bathroom was so stinky after he used the facilities that he needed to, "light a match!"

Madeline and Leah haven't taken climbing on things to a whole new level...they wouldn't dream of climbing on the top of the couch, onto the play table, into the toy box, onto kitchen chairs, into the bath, and on to the toilet all by themselves. Not my kids.

I know that I wouldn't have eaten an Oreo Cookie Klondike Bar 3 nights in a row. Not me!

There's definitely no way that I have started to really speak my mind about 'certain' things within my family and have not stopped caring about what people are going to think or say about me. Not Me!

There is no way that last night, in an attempt to have Grace and Evan stay in their beds all night, that I told them if they stayed there that Matt would bring them a donut for breakfast on his way home from night shift.

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