Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We finally made it to ballet today. Thank goodness. We missed all but one class in the last 4 weeks. Matt is supposed to be off tomorrow and Thursday still but he is picking up some overtime which I'm happy and sad about. It's hard when he's on nights since he's only awake and at home for about 2 hours a day. And now he's going to be on nights for 6 in a row. Bummer! My Grandmother gave Grace a new Snow White dress today after ballet since she had to throw out her other one when she got blood all over it during the "forehead incident". I am gathering a huge car load of stuff to take over to the church for their thrift shop. I'm just glad to get it out of my house!
I'm a little upset that Madeline and Leah aren't walking yet. Grace walked at 9 months and Evan walked at 11 months, and Maddie and Leah just seem content to just crawl all over the place at lightning speed. I was hoping that they would be walking by their 1st birthday's but I don't think that's going to happen.
I had Maddie and Leah in their stroller at the grocery store yesterday and wow does my wrist hurt from steering their stroller with one had and pulling the cart with the other. I hate my Combi stroller and am lucky enough to have picked up (yet another) used stroller today from Donna, a Mom of another ballerina in Grace's class. I am selling my BOB jogging double stroller since I never ever get to use it anymore. It's just taking up space unfortunately. I'm excited though since I'm fairly certain that I can get my money back for it since I got such a great deal on it when I bought it from REI.
Matt and I are thinking of remodeling the back bathroom before we try to sell the house. We don't really want to take on the project, because it's a doosey, but we think it will really help us unload this place. I hope we can get back to looking at houses after the whole layoff thing at Matt's work blows over and he feels secure again. Time will tell.


Miss Erin said...

Sounds like you've been busy! The boys aren't walking yet either. Both my husband and I walked at 9 months so that's what we have to go on. Righ tnow they are happy to crawl and crise and every so often stand up in the middle of the room. Lincoln too 2 steps on Saturday but that's the last we've seen of that. Two weeks until they are 1. I can't believe it.

Kiley Anderson said...

Gav didn't walk til he was 15 months old - I really thought he'd never get off his lazy bum but he did :o) It's hard to believe your girls will be 1 year old soon - crazy!!!