Thursday, November 5, 2009

She Converted

I started cloth diapering a while ago and started with gDiapers since I researched and they seemed to be the easiest and most effective. I have now converted. Thank goodness I got an awesome deal on the gDiapers since if I paid a small fortune I would just continue to use them but hate them at the same time. I am in love with Thirsties and Swaddlebees covers with regular old prefolds inside. (Bummis Super Whisper Wraps are good too but not my favorite!) I use Blueberry wool covers at night and double up on the absorption. I can see how cloth diapering can be addictive though - there are SO many cute covers and options!! But I want to keep with the money savings vs. disposables so I won't buy more than I need! I do still need 2-3 more covers but then I think we should be set! And no more formula to buy either!!! Yippie!!!

As for tomorrow, I think I might go to Linvilla Orchard and let the kids run around!

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Miss Erin said...

I am so not happy with the 6-packs and am starting to switch over to Super Whisper Wraps and Thirstie's Duowraps. From the message boards I've read it sounds like most people have been unhappy witht he quality of the g's that came int he 6-packs. I feel REALLY bad that I reccommended them! I loved them until I got the new ones...