Thursday, July 23, 2009


Leah (l) and Madeline (r) eating lunch today - they're my happy girls! Grace with her 2nd pair of glasses ~ She LOVES this pair!

My handsome little man, Evan...with a little bit of PB&J on his face! ;)

It's been so long since I've blogged, I just can't seem to find a rhythm anymore. There has been so much happening lately and just feel like I have no time to sit down and write a thoughtful blog. Today was filled with room renovations for Sir Evan. He gave up his crib and moved into a big boy bed! Matt went out this morning to a mattress store recommended to us by TJ & Molly and we're so glad they told us about it!! We found an awesome Simmons twin set that was very inexpensive! It's sooo comfortable, now I want a new mattress! Evan got to pick out his own bedding and he chose Thomas the Tank Engine. I'm not much for character things and I certainly would have chosen something different but he is THRILLED with it so I'm happy too! Tonight was his first night sleeping in his big boy bed and he hasn't gotten out of bed yet - we're so proud of him!
Grace got a second pair of glasses on Tuesday afternoon, she picked these out all by herself and she LOVES them! They are plastic frames without nose pads, and they don't slide down her face as much. She is doing so well with her glasses and we haven't seen her eyes 'wander' since she got them ~ so we're thrilled!
Madeline and Leah both have "forward movement with a purpose" now! Their crawling styles are very different but they're still getting from here to there - and keeping me on my toes now more than ever. They try to pull themselves up on just about everything and succeed 50% of the time now. I cannot believe that they will be a year old in less than FOUR months!!!
I surprised Matt with Phillies tickets on Monday and he's excited to go. I bought tickets for him and Doug for August 7th. I hope they have a blast! Matt so deserves a night out alone to just kick back and relax, without the wife and kids! ;)

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