Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've seen enough bodily fluids to last me a long time.
I've been thrown up ON and didn't throw up in return. Yay me!
Laundry has been my life over the last 4 days, well that and cleaning up bodily fluids, spilled juice, used tissues, and other assorted nastiness.
We have had no showings in over 2 weeks. I'm beginning to lose hope.
I cannot wait until July. It's day 9 of Matt's turn around and I'm losing it.
I'm not so sure that I've ever seen my house quite this dirty.
Evan has been sleeping on his floor every night for the past week.
I need to buy two twin beds for Madeline and Leah. They are getting closer and closer to climbing out/falling out of their cribs. Lord help me when I have 4 children free to roam the house at night.
I'm going to attempt to mow the grass today. I've never mowed grass using a push mower, only a ride on.
I need to go to the greenhouse again because several of my plants are dead.
Evan's curtain rod fell out of the wall last night. I think the swinging Tarzan leap off of his bed while hanging on the curtain may have had something to do with it.
I am stalling my writing this because I have no desire to drag 4 kids to Walmart.

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