Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One More

There's only one more day left in June. It's been one hell of a month. And I don't necessarily mean that in a negative way. I've discovered so many things thing month. I've missed Matt more this month than I have in a long time. He was home every night but was so wiped out from working that we barely spoke. He would come home around 6:15pm and visit with the kids until bedtime at 7pm. After they were in bed he would snooze in the chair until it was time to eat dinner. After dinner he would shower and go to bed, there was literally not a night where he wasn't asleep before his head even hit the pillow. And then he would get up at 3am and do it all over again. When he comes home from night shift on Friday morning, he will have worked 29 out of the last 31 days. He has off Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, then works 4 days shifts next week - then it's vacation!!

The kids and I have stayed pretty busy this past month with small trips here and there, playing outside, trying out new playgrounds and doing crafts. Grace just got her ears pierced yesterday. I couldn't believe that she actually did it.
This month I've discovered just how independent I can be. There was only one thing that I opted out of because Matt wasn't going to be there to help me, and that was going to the pool. It's just not safe to have 4 little ones running around water and only 1 adult. I'm currently entertaining the idea of going to the beach a week early with just the kids and having Matt meet us down there on the 9th.
I've also discovered this month just how much patience I have. Whenever things were starting to get to me, I just dug a little deeper. For example, I took Grace and Evan to see Toy Story 3 and they had popcorn and red juice in the theater...on our way home Evan threw up everywhere, which triggered Grace to throw up everywhere because she has a weak stomach. There was red throw up everywhere in a car that wasn't even 24 hours old yet. But I remained calm, only getting out of the car and saying very loud to no one in particular, "Are you kidding me?!!!" on my way over to the passengers side of the car. After over an hour of cleaning up throw up, consoling Evan and Grace, and trying to keep Madeline and Leah from turning inside out from sitting in their car seats in a car that smelled of throw up - we were all buckled and going down the road. It was only then that I started to have a mini breakdown.

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