Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I ordered a ton of clothes for myself (gasp!) and they came today. I ordered a lot knowing that I would send back half of the them for one reason or another. Doesn't it figure that I love everything and know have to choose what goes back!?!! The one thing I haven't purchased yet this year is a bathing suit. I'm dreading it. We have just decided that we're going to the beach for a week in July so I guess I better order one soon. My biggest issue with clothes in general is I'm never sure what is appropriate for me. Is it too young? Too old? Am I too fat? Does it flatter my post 50+ inch twin belly?
I also went to the Carter's Outlet today and my total came to $188.98 before coupons, I only ended up paying $64!! Can you believe that?! I'm so proud of myself!
Can you tell that Matt is working a lot? I will be blogging a lot just to attempt to keep myself somewhat sane, I apologize for the pointless blogs but it's hard being alone with 4 kids under 5 all day and never speaking to any adults.

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