Monday, May 17, 2010


We went to the beach for the day on Sunday and had a great time! The kids all loved the sand and being able to dip their toes in the ocean. Madeline and Leah both ended up falling in the water and loving every minute of it! We ate at Grotto's Pizza and bought some candy for the kids. The trip really made me want to rent a house in NC in July but it's just so expensive.

We were planning on going to the Aquarium today but the attitudes the kids had this morning told us that it wouldn't be a good idea. And boy were we right! Today was awful!! I have never heard so much whining and tantrum throwing in all of my life. Thank goodness that it's bed time and all of the kids are sleeping. I am enjoying the quiet like never before!

I am still obsessing about my hair. No matter what I always end up with my hair in a ponytail. I have a hair appointment on Wednesday morning and am still so scared to cut it all off simply because I know how awful the growing out process is. It's taken me 18 months to get my hair to the length that it is now. I just want to go to a really good stylist and have them tell me what would look the best on me but I don't know who to go to. I also don't want to spend a small fortune on my hair. I just need to make up my mind!!

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