Friday, April 30, 2010

Down the pooper and Back out again.

Today seemed to go right down pooper. From fighting children, to cranky teething toddlers, to getting a hospital bill from 17 months ago for $3,336.20, to not being able to find a hotel at the beach that will accommodate my gaggle of kids for a reasonable price, to having Madeline run into the neighbors yard in bare feet and step in a huge pile of dog poo - again, to not getting an offer from the people who came to see the house TWICE....I just feel like I'm suffocating under a mounting pile of poo sometimes. There - bitching complete.

Now, the up-side to my day...4 smiling, laughing cuties playing outside in the glorious sunshine (despite the dog poo incident), A new magazine for me in the mail!, fitting in to shorts that I wore the summer after I had Grace ~ so 3 kids later including a set of twins and back into the same size isn't too shabby, trying on a bikini and being pleased with my shape (not to say that I would ever, ever, ever wear it in public because no amount of exercise will cure the "twin skin" issue).

Looking forward to Matt coming home and all of the kiddos going to bed! ;)

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