Friday, January 9, 2009


I haven't written much in a long time. I just have no time anymore to actually sit down and think!

Things are going pretty well I think. The twins are growing growing growing! I can't wait to see how much they weigh and their percentiles at the doctor next Friday. Maddie and Leah will be two months old on Wed/Thurs next week. I cannot believe that I've been a Mommy to 4 sweethearts for two months now! Wow. I'm still trying to get over some hurdles health wise related to my pregnancy and definitely still trying to lose baby weight. They say that with each pregnancy it gets harder and harder to lose the weight and it's definitely true, especially after a twin pregnancy. I'm hoping to get back to my "fighting weight" within a year. I hope that's not too optimistic. I'm also considering getting a tummy tuck but we'll talk about that another time! I might even be able to get my insurance company to pay for it since my stomach is destroyed and causing me health problems. Anyway...

Maddie and Leah are getting their own personalities more and more every day. Maddie is the high strung one and Leah is more relaxed. They are both smiling up a storm and melting my heart with each one. It never gets old either. I can't wait to take the new additions to the mountains so we can show them off to all of my in laws. Especially to Grandma. She met them once when they were a week or two old and I can't wait for her to see how big they are! Grace and Evan are excited to see her again soon also.

We took the kids to Oasis yesterday, it's an indoor playground, and they loved it! They really needed to get out and run around! I hate the winter, having to keep the kids inside all the time. Today we had a play date with some new friends, Christine and her two little ones. Lincoln is just over 2 and Isolde is 16 months. They are adorable kids. All of the kids played really well together which was a huge relief to me. I was worried how Grace would be since she tends to be a little bossy and dominate. She's so used to doing what she wants to when she's playing and Ev just follows along. But Grace did really well and I'm so proud of her.

Now it's off to clean clean clean in hopes that I can get this house in order again....every few days it seems like a bomb went off...maybe it's just that 4 kids live here and two adults who sometimes act like kids! ;)

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