Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have nothing else to say in this blog but holy crapola it's COLD! The heater has been running non-stop...I'm not looking forward to that bill next month! I'm wishing I was at my parents house in front of the wood stove but that would mean packing up and actually going outside. No thanks, we'll stay put. I'm not looking forward to packing all the kids up and putting them in the car to go to the doctor tomorrow morning! Uggg...8:30am comes mighty early when I'm trying to get everyone ready for a trip out for the day. It's off to the pediatrician in the morning, then to meet a woman who is buying one of my strollers (that makes 3 sold so far!!), then back home to pick up Matt and off to Kutztown for a little trip down memory lane, a good lunch at the Tavern and buying my new (new to me anyway) triple stroller so I can finally be independent again!! I can put three kiddos in it, Grace can walk and I can go anywhere alone again!!! I know that may sound silly but Evan just doesn't listen well enough for me to be confident going out alone. I am too scared that Ev, or Grace for that matter, would get away from me in a parking lot or something and I couldn't get to them fast enough worrying about all of the other kids. (I know, I know....I'm paranoid.) Anyway, I'm excited to be getting rid of things--downsizing really. I'm selling a lot on Craigslist so at least we're getting something for all of it. I tried selling my maternity clothes, the nice stuff anyway--from Gap and MimiMaternity, but no bites-I kind of thought as much. I'll give it to Goodwill since I don't know anyone who is pregnant or going to get pregnant anytime soon. If anyone who reads this knows someone let me know ASAP and they can have it if they want it.

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The Chrobak's! said...

I just had to laugh with this entry. I'll explain though, sorry. I literaly just said, man I can't believe the heater has not stopped running at all. I really don't want to even look at this bill for this month! Haha how funny is that. Then you taking your trip down memory lane. Well because I just said to Michael yesterday that we should take a trip down memory lane and visit the Tavern at KU! Wow, we still think alike! Have fun!