Thursday, April 10, 2008


It has been a crazy few weeks lately. I'm really tired and the kids are so antsy to go outside and do something other than sit in the house and play. I try to keep them busy with new things like crafts and special little projects but it's the end of a long winter and I am just fresh out of ideas. I hope that we can get our fence up soon. We are still waiting on the permit. I had all the red tape for a stupid fence. Too bad the fence won't be sound proof from the as*holes that live behind us and play horseshoes with foul language. Pretty much everyone now knows about the pregnancy. I can't really hide it anymore. I'm so excited for next Thursday's ultrasound. I'm trying to think of a really thoughtful gift for our friends who are having their second baby in May but i'm coming up with nothing original. We had a mini-shower for them the other weekend that seemed to go ok. I think it caught them a little off guard. It's just something we do in my family so I thought that we would do it for them. Sometimes I feel like after your first child, no one really cares. Maybe that's just in my family. I won't go there.

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