Friday, June 10, 2011


I apologize for the scattered, horribly written post - but after reading this post, you'll know why. We came home from Hatteras, NC today. We had a blast at the beach! The kids loved the beach and literally ran around non-stop for hours. We would get home from the beach and jump right into the pool, and Grace and Evan were like little fish! We went onto the beach in Frisco since the beach was super flat and there were amazing tide pools for the kids to play in. We went onto the sound side of the island on Thursday and we found a lot of hermit crabs that the kids had a blast playing with! We went to Ocracoke on Monday and ate a Howard's Pub, then did a little shopping and hung out on the island. All of the kids slept on the ferry ride back to Hatteras.
The ride home this morning was interesting, we left at 3am and got stuck on the only road off the island because of a fire. We were stuck there for almost 2 hours, which made our 9 hour ride home almost 11 hours. The kids were troopers and did really well in the car.
One of the bad things that happened while we were at the beach was I lost my engagement ring. I'm beyond upset. I have lost weight and it was getting loose and I shouldn't have been wearing it. I took it off before we went to the beach every day and then Thursday morning was crazy and forgot to take it off. We were on our way back to the house when I realized that I only had my wedding band on. I never resized my wedding band, it's still a 5-1/2, but I had my engagement ring resized because even after the twins were born my fingers were so fat that I thought they'd never get smaller. I'm just sick thinking about it. I keep thinking that maybe I'll end up finding it in the car or in one of the bags but I'm 99% sure that I lost it on the beach/in the ocean.
My lost ring is nothing compared to other news we found out while we were away, and the reason that we came home a day early. Matt's Grandmother, who we call MomMom and is Rob's Mom, is very very sick. She only has a few days left. I always take the kids for a walk and go to visit her. She always has cookies for the kids. They sure love their MomMom. We haven't told the kids anything other than she is very sick. MomMom has made the decision to come home from the hospital tomorrow so we will all go and visit with her tomorrow at her house.

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