Friday, June 24, 2011

Family Update

Matt's Grandmother is one strong lady! She's trying to keep her promise to Rob that she'll still be here when he comes back on Saturday afternoon. I pray that she can do it, but like I said, She's a strong woman so if anyone could, it'd be her!

Another member of Matt's family, Whose nickname is Brownie, passed away last night around 10:30pm. He fought a hard battle with cancer. I remember Brownie from when we both worked at W&J, he was so vibrant and always poking fun at people and making them laugh when he would come into the office around lunch.

I'm trying to help with everything going on as much as I can but I don't want the kids to see MomMom like she is so I can only help if Matt is at home. I've made food to take down and am going to make more to try and make sure that Debbi is eating and taking care of herself while she's caring for MomMom. Talk about a strong woman, Debbi is amazing and is doing everything she can with such grace. I so wish that there was more that I could do to help. My heart just aches for everyone, I'm trying to put my own feelings aside, but that's a whole other post.

Keep praying for peace, comfort and strength for everyone.

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