Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

6 years ago on Mother's Day is when we told my extended family that we were pregnant with Grace. For some reason that hit me like a ton of bricks today, that seems like so long ago yet just yesterday. Grace is talking about loving Justin Beiber. How did she get so 'grown up' that she likes a 'pop star'??? It's unbelievable at times. I've noticed how more aware of reality she is, the good and the bad. I'm really trying to be the very best Mom that I can be ~ I desperately want to raise 3 confident, self respecting, smart and happy girls. I want to raise a confident, respectful, smart, happy little boy. Lead by example. I hardly slept last night just thinking about how I'm succeeding in some areas of parenting and feeling like a miserable failure in others. Thinking about how I can be a better Mother. We've been very out of our groove as a family since Matt's turn around and getting back to normal has been really tough on everyone. I don't know why this turn around has been more difficult on us, but it has. I'm hoping that a trip to the mountains this coming weekend will be just what we need! Some time away from everything...

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