Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Whew - what a morning we had. The attitudes in this house have been less than ideal. Actually they've been down right horrible. Cabin fever maybe? We're getting ready to head over to the Y and I simply cannot wait for a few minutes to myself.
I have to break down and buy some new pants but just don't want to spend the money right now. None of my pants fit me except for yoga pants/capris. I bought a new pair of jeans about 6 weeks ago and they don't fit me now either. My body is changing a lot right now and don't want to waste more money buy another pair of jeans that won't fit right in another 6 weeks. But I'm sick of being in black yoga pants all of the time, granted I have 4 pairs of black pants and 2 pairs of black capri pants but it's still a little annoying to wear them every day.
I hope the kids behave in the child care center today. I really need an hour to myself. Matt didn't come home last night until about 7:30 so I was on my own from the moment the kids eyes opened until I put them to bed. Matt didn't see them at all and Evan especially takes that out on me a lot. But that's a whole other post entirely.
I better get moving and over to the Y before the kids kill each other and we end up in the ER instead of the gym.

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