Thursday, March 24, 2011

Round and Round

I seem to be spinning on a merry-go-round lately that's not so merry. I cannot keep up. I'm adding things to my "plate" left and right. My biggest things going on right now are keeping people in clean clothes, making sure I get to the grocery store, and other "normal everyday things". Now in addition to those I'm taking the kids to swim lessons on Thursdays and it's pure chaos all day Thursday from the moment I wake up at 5:00 ish until I go to bed which is whenever I literally cannot function any more. I am trying to clean and purge anything and everything that we do not NEED. Toys, clothes, you name it, I'm getting rid of it. I'm getting ready to get rid of a few really nice condition toys for 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 ish age range. I know that I shouldn't have a hard time donating them to the Goodwill but I'd much rather see them go to someone I know. I'm thankful that I have a girlfriend who can use some of the kids gently used clothes, some of which have been worn maybe a handful of times. We are meeting with 2 realtors next week to discuss putting the house on the market so I'm back into the stress of cleaning the house for showings, or at least I hope we're going to have showings. I'm not getting listings of houses on the market from anywhere from Oxford to NJ. We're looking in DE as well but I'm not impressed with the schools there unless they're private schools which we cannot afford to send 4 kids to private school. We have GOT to get out of here. The whole area. I just need to be gone from here. Start fresh. Leave everything and everyone behind with the exception of course being our closest friends! I'm going to very much miss having them just across town. Even though we barely get to see each other, I still feel like it's a blessing to have them so close. Speaking of, I miss them!! We really need to get together but she is starting a new job, actually a 2nd job so I'm sure they're even busier than usual!! But I pray for them that it's worth it and everything works out the way that they need!! Back to what's going on with us....I'm struggling with potty training the twins. I wasn't planning on getting serious about it until May when Grace and Evan were done school and I could devote a week of just hanging at home and getting it done then but the twins have a different plan and want to do it now, so here we are! I 'think' Matt is off on Saturday of this week. By law everyone needs to have one day off every 13 days, so since they're only working 2 shifts, people have to take them in rotation and he got chosen for an early day off this time which means that after this day off, he'll be last for having a day off next time, probably after a whole 13 days in a row. But I'm happy none the less! We have to rearrange our house on Saturday and bring in furniture that we had in storage to make our dining room back into a dining room for showings since it's currently a play room. I also need to buy curtains for my bedroom. Much more to say and many things to add to my list of what's going on right now but Leah is starting to wiggle and I think she needs to potty so off we go! Which reminds me I need more M&M's for rewards for going on the potty!

Happy Thursday!

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