Friday, February 11, 2011

Five Question Friday

It's Five Question Friday! Here we go...

1. Would you rather be on ABC's Extreme Home MakeOver or TLC's What not to Wear?
Definitely Extreme Home Makeover! What not to Wear would be amazing too but I have to be practical and go with the Home Makeover.

2. Do you have any tattoos?
Yes, 1. I have a branch of cherry blossoms that kind of wrap around from my back to hip. I'm probably going to get another one.

3. Do you tell your kids about things you did growing up? Um, no.

4. If the traffic signal turns yellow, do you stop or speed up?
Definitely speed up.

5. What's your preference: chocolate or chips?
That's a tough one. I think that I'd pick chocolate over chips if the chocolate was gourmet chocolate not something like Hershey's. If it was regular chocolate then I would have to go with the chips.

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