Sunday, December 12, 2010

More tidbits

Madeline and Leah are so into stickers right now! They will play for hours working on a masterpiece filled in with their shapes that they know how to draw (and are so proud of!).

Leah still likes to color all over her face with markers if she thinks that I'm ignoring her which is sometimes true because sometimes "art hour" is when I'm making dinner.

Grace has her first preschool pageant on Friday and I'm praying that all goes according to plan. She has been difficult to say the least during practice.

Madeline is starting to catch up with Leah in regards to vocabulary and making sentences. I was starting to worry because Leah was so far ahead of Madeline.

Grace, Madelina and Leah are in love with the show Angelina Ballerina ~ It's adorable that they all watch it and then act out what they saw. I love seeing them actually play nicely together!

I'm excited about Christmas for all of the usual reasons but I'm SUPER excited that Matt will be home with us on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the first time in 4 years. I will be nervous that he will get forced to work up until he's out of the gate on the 23rd but I'm trying to remain optimistic but also set up a game plan in case he does get forced.

I'm looking forward to seeing my in-laws on Friday. They're coming down for Grace's pageant and she's so excited that they're coming. I hope that Matt will be able to come but again only time will tell.

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