Friday, December 31, 2010


The kids 1 year ago...

In 3-1/2 hours I will say farewell to 2010. And what a year it has been. Matt turned 30. 30! Matt and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. Evan turned 3. I entered into the last year of my 20's. Grace started Pre-K and Evan started preschool. I got to hear Madeline and Leah start talking. I got to hear them both say, "I love you Mommy!" during 2010. My twin baby girls turned 2. We celebrated another holiday season with new additions to the family and had a blast. I've grown closer to some people and further away from others, some on purpose others not. I got to "re-learn" who my true friends are. I've seen marriages fall apart and my marriage grow stronger. 2010 has taught me a lot. I've changed a lot.
What do I want from 2011? More patience. Momentum to keep running, and finish a 10 mile race. Lose a few more pounds and get my family more healthy overall. I want to be more organized and finish several home projects so we can put the house back on the market. Of course I want my family to stay healthy and be happy. I hope to be an even better wife and mother than I was in 2010.

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