Monday, October 25, 2010


Our weekend went by in a FLASH! On Saturday I had gotten up, stopped at Walmart to pick up a gift and gotten Grace to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese by 9:30am. After 2 hours we were Chucked out and had a few errands to do while we were in Downingtown. Part way through the errands a totally exhausted Grace melted down in the middle of a shoe store. I had to practically drag her across the parking lot to the car while she was screaming, "Get away from me!!" "You're hurting me!!" "OWWWWWWCCCCHHHHH". It was not one of our finer moments. And the shoe store just "had" to be right next to Babies R Us where all of the first time parents were staring at us and in whispered hushes to each other saying, "Our child will NEVER, EVER do that! She must be an awful mother!" My response to them...You just wait!!

This week is filled with appointments, 2 school harvest parties ( I got stuck with making the 30 cupcakes, as if I don't have anything else to be doing) and Trick Or Treat on Friday night among all of the normal things. Friday just happens to be predicted as 20 degrees colder than the rest of the week with strong winds. Lovely. I'm still not done the kids costumes, and have no idea where else I can look for the rest of the things that we need. I also just don't want to spend any more money!!! Truth be told, I don't like Halloween. I never have. Yes, I like to see my kiddos dressed in cute costumes but after about 10 minutes of fighting with people to leave this and that alone, I'm over it.

Off to the shower I go...I'm going to try to break my record of a 0.25 minute shower!

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