Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

Warning: This is going to be a very random post!

Grace had ballet today and I think I enjoy it more than she does. Donna and Dawn are my weekly dose of sanity! We are planning a girls night out and I can't wait!

We went to the mountains this past weekend and had a great time! I loved seeing how good Grandma looks! The kids didn't want to leave Grammie and PopPop ~ they miss them so much!

I'm trying to decide what summer 'camps' to put the kids in and am having trouble with the schedules of them. Hopefully I can find a few different short camps for Grace.

We were going to book a trip to Tennessee bu have decided to wait until next year when Madeline and Leah are a little older.

I have a friend going through some really tough stuff right now and am doing my best to be supportive and listen but I am afraid I'm not doing a very good job. There just isn't much to say or do to help in her situation. Hopefully I'm being a good friend.

Grace has an eye doctor appointment tomorrow and I'm scared. She has been squinting and her right eye has been wandering a little bit even with her glasses on. I'm hoping she just needs a prescription change and nothing more serious than that. Her first pair of glasses, the wire frames, need to be replaced. They are pretty much shot. I guess a 4 year old is pretty hard on glasses!!

As sad and angry as I am to say this, Matt and I have pretty much decided to wait yet another year before we sell our house. It's just not financially smart to move right now. I hate it. I so hate it here. I like the inside of our house just not the location. We were looking for houses and the ones we really want are just slightly out of our reach so we're going to spend another year saving our pennies. :(

I am trying to buy the kids summer clothes as inexpensive as possible. I'm shopping every sale and researching coupons and promotions online in hopes to save money. I already shopped the Old Navy Baby Sale and am going to shop the Gymboree Baby sale now since they have great prices during the sale and I also have a coupon that will take another 20% off my total purchase!

I'll try to post tomorrow after we're done at Grace's eye doctor appointment.

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