Sunday, November 6, 2011


We should hear the results of the water test for the house tomorrow late afternoon. The well needed to be shocked and we are praying that it worked. The house has been vacant for over a year so the water not passing wasn't a surprise, we just hope that a shock was all that it needed.

After we hear the results from that and have a 100% go for closing on Thursday I get to start calling companies and setting up utilities, deliveries and getting the hot tub guy to come out and get us up and running! I'm SO looking forward to soaking in it after moving and unpacking! I need to make a decision on what washer and dryer to buy, I just can't decide. I know that I want the most energy efficient one I can find. It's going to cost more up front but will be worth it in the long run since 6 people make a TON of laundry!

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