Monday, October 17, 2011


News on the "hope to be" new house:

It was broken into sometime over the weekend and they ruined at least the 9ft patio doors which are really expensive to replace. :-(

Our loan still has no funding, so a big "thank you" to the Government for possibly making us lose this house.

The appraisal came back low, which is pure crap according to all local comps for houses sold within the last 3 months. They are challenging the appraisal and if it doesn't work they have the option of pulling out of the contract and we lose all of the money already invested in the house, or lower the sales price to what the house DID appraise for which would be good for us.

I'm tired of all of this. We NEED to get out of my parents house since it's just getting worse every day. The kids need stability. We need our own space and my parents need their space back! I'm ready to move on, literally!!!

Praying this all works out and all of this headache and worry will have been worth it!

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