Friday, August 12, 2011

House Update

Our Inspection, Termite and Radon reports came in today and they were even better than we expected! We have to install a new hot water heater which we already knew, and do 3 other tiny things and then we're ready to roll! Our last hurdle to get over before settlement is the appraisal which I'm hoping is going to be done next week. I can't take the not knowing anymore!

We have been seriously house shopping and are really thinking that we will NOT be moving to NJ. We cannot find anything we like in a house but worse than that we can't find an area we would want to live in. We're just 'country folk' I guess and in NJ there isn't much of that in our price range. We have fallen in love with a house in PA but aren't done shopping just yet. We are hoping to put an offer in on something as soon as we get the appraisal results.

I'm stressed beyond belief, exhausted from not sleeping, walking around in a fog because my mind is going 1,000 miles a minute, and just beyond excited, happy and relieved!!

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